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I mean, maybe you don't think it's so cool I got a crush on you or something... I don't know, I'm real nervous." I asked, "Hey, don't worry about it. Let me ask xnxx porno you something, besides those little kisses you and your brother porn do with porn xnxx each other, have you ever kissed another boy?" Robbie goes, "No, of course not... have you?" He was acting so unsure of himself, so shy. If it's even possible for Robbie to be more attractive then he already is, his xnxx indian uncertainty, his shyness, did it for him. I took a deep breath to cool my emotions a bit, sorta pointed to the ceiling with my index finger, and say, "We can't do a whole lot with Chubby and Dodger right over our heads xxx video there in my bedroom, but since you say you have a crush on me, maybe you'd like me to be the first boy you kiss for real. Robbie started blushing and licking his lips, "OK" he says, but doesn't move so I walked sunny leone xnxx the three steps to him and said, "First, just desi xnxx a brotherly kiss" and I kissed him on the lips a bit slower than Dodger and Robbie do it. Robbie blushed some more and licked his lips again. For the real kiss, I put my bokep xnxx hand behind his head to hold him in place and did a xnxx telugu slow wet kiss on his xnxx sex lips without any tongue. His arms automatically came up to hold me at the waist with both hands. Our noses rubbed together as I mover my head a bit with that xxnx yummy wet kiss. When I pulled my head away Robbie's eyes mom xnxx were wide and shiny and after a half second his whole body shuddered and he made gasping sounds catching his breath. Then, "Oh my god, Dylan... I think I'm going to cum". He was so xnxx arab innocent and young-looking at that moment, I japanese xnxx felt a xnxx videos great responsibility to him... he'd come to me for guidance, or advise, or for something maybe he didn't even recognize. sex I said nothing, just hugged him around his neck with both my arms this time, and then did my best impression of a Willie kiss. Both Robbie's arms wrapped around my body tightly and he kissed back making a lot of mouth noises as he unconsciously dry humped into my groin. The kiss lasted a minute, but xnxx bokep no longer because Robbie began gasping for xnxx/ oxygen. Like myself in my early experiences with this huge new kind of sexual thrill... it created such aroused feeling all over my wwwxnxx body, I'd xnxx telugu forget to breathe just as Robbie had forgot with that kiss. There was xnxx sex videos a wet spot wwwxnxx on the front of his shorts, but it was short xnxx download of climax. 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I couldn't think of the right thing to say to that, it's so flattering, and it made me think of Willie in our early days together. He said those kind if things to me early in our romance, now it's more me saying them to him. But still, I wonder what the fuck it is exactly that inspires that initial crush? Robbie usually takes his shirt off for haircuts and he did this time xnx too... his body xnnn scents waft up with his natural heat and had me xnxx porn groping my semi boner. Our kiss had my cock at half mast, but the sounds at the top of the stairs put an end to that. Now, Robbie's xnxx 2019 odor got me going again. I was standing behind him, couldn't stop myself from hugging around his neck with my face next to his, then rubbing my nose against the side of his head... god damn, he turns me on. Then a fifteen second kiss on the side of his head, with him leaning into me, both his hands holding onto the arm I had around his neck. My boner went fully hard as the kiss progressed. This was wild! He might xnxx india be too xnxx hot hot for me... oh my god, xnxx gay this is more than just being turned on to someone. After that side-of-the-head kiss I shook my head back and forth trying to get myself under control. I screamed inside my head to grow-up and act like I been there before.... jesus! Calmed down some, I wrapped the cape over his bare shoulders and turned on the clippers. For the first time, the haircut was second place in my mind, I was more interested in Robbie's gayness then I was in the haircut. What I thought while cutting his hair was all about Robbie and me, and how could it possibly work out? It's got to work out, there isn't bokep xnxx any question about that, but I don't know how? Willie expects me to be faithful, which mostly has to do with xxnxx safe nxxn sex. If I'm having xnxx teen sex with someone else, he and I will need to use condoms, and he doesn't want to do that so he puts it on me not to have sex with xnxx japanese anyone but him. Except, I rationalized to myself, Robbie's never had xnxx japan sex with anyone, xnnn so it's as safe a sex as there is. The clippers clattered, but Robbie and I were silent, both thinking our own thoughts... pondering different angles of the same xnxx. new development. As I finished up the sides and back of Robbie's head, including the trimmer around the ears and xnxx sex videos all, Chubby called down to us, "Dylan, Robbie... Dodger and me are going outside... this little peckerwood claims he wants a cigarette. Does he smoke, Robbie?" Robbie shouts out, "Yeah, he does." Chubby yells back down, "We'll wait xxxx for you guys outside, OK?" and Robbie and I say, simultaneously, "Yeah, OK!" As I hear the front door close, Robbie spouts out, "We have some time, Dylan. xxx Please, make a fantasy of mine come true for me. I want to feel your penis inside me. Believe it or not, Dylan... I've already had my finger, and a carrot, and I don't know how many other things up there, but it's your video xnxx cock I xnxx selingkuh want to feel... plueeeze". Without xnxx japanese hesitating, I'm like, "It will need to be quick Robbie. So, you sure you want your first time to xnxx video be a quickie?" He was xnxx jepang very sure he wanted it, quickie or otherwise, porn videos so, without finishing the haircut I unhooked his cape and said, in a hoarse voice, "Let's do it in the powder room. If they come back inside we'll at least have a slim chance of not being caught". Inside the half xnxx bath Robbie goes, "Oh fuck! I'm so nervous. Should I do this, Dylan?" I was in heat now myself, so I say, "Yeah, Robbie... you're real squirrelly, you got yourself all worked-up and we might as well take care of it. You'll love it. I do." He was all wide eyed, looking to me for instructions. I locked the door and began fishing through a first aid kit in the vanity under the sink for some vaseline. I said, "Get your shorts unbuttoned and pull them down with your jockeys." Neither of the xnxx stories Dickers brothers ever seemed xnxx. uncomfortable being naked in front of others... that's a surprise too because of their small penises, www xnxx but they've dealt with that long ago I guess. Robbie's shorts were around his knees, I say "Bend over some and lean on that towel rack. I'm going to lube your hole with vaseline, it's messy but it's all I got, and we need lube." Robbie has that little boy scared looked so I say, "Don't worry Robbie, you'll be fine... I wouldn't hurt you xnxxcom for anything." He nodded his head and bit his bottom lip for the tenth time this afternoon as he reached back to touch his hole. Pulling down my shorts, I stared at the two perfect mounds xnxx com of his ass. 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He was laying back against the toilet tank, coming down from the sexual thrill, thus far, of his life. I knew the feeling well, it had happened to me not too long ago. With Robbie's cold drink in my hand I peeked out to the street, there was Chubby and Dodger smoking and jawing at each other, giving each other the bird and laughing like mad... those two are two peas in a xnxx app pod. Taking the soft drink to Robbie... after he drank some of it he said he was feeling OK. I helped clean him up, wiping the cum xnxx indo and vaseline off his buttocks and putting toilet paper in his jockey underwear so it would absorb more cum drooling. Then I spotted the big cum splat on the tiled wall where Robbie had exploded his climax. I cleaned that up and gently gave Robbie xnxx download another hug, he goes, "I'm OK now, Dylan. My emotions took over for awhile there and overwhelmed me xxnn some. That was the single most exhilerated moment in my life... nothing comes close to it. I had no idea such a thrilling, indescribable feeling could happen... and xnxx. com it took over xxx xnxx my entire body too." I was squeezing the back of his neck xnxx indo smiling because I had helped with that feeling and I hadn't let him down. Still, I had a lot of contemplating to do... hell, just to allow what happened in the past twenty minutes to sink in would require a lot of contemplating. While I finished his haircut I thought, what's next for Robbie and me?? xnxx com/ to be continued........ Donny Mumford thinat20yahoo Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 15:08:29 -0700 (PDT) From: don mumford Subject: DYLAN'S DILEMMA Part 11 by Donny Mumford ************ DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART 11 ************ Chapter 0ne Things are a little different down here on earth now. Recently I've xnxx 2019 had to switch things around up there in fantasy land... change an xnxx mom item from the fantasy column over to the reality column... japan xnxx ya know xnxx tv why, because I just fucked Robbie Dickers. He almost made it seem xnxx com like I https // was doing him a favor too... if you can believe that. xxx xnxx Afterward I finished cutting his flattop haircut and we joined Chubby and Dodger outside. I lit a cigarette as xxx videos soon as indian xnxx I was on the steps and Robbie asked for one too... his hand was a little bit shaky. Since we'd had that sex together he's been looking at me with these big wide eyes like I'm something special. www.xnxx It's a strange feeling having someone looking up to me like that. Robbie's brother, www.xnxx Dodger, always says to me "you're the coolest boy xnxx japan I've ever met" but it xnxx .com never feels like he's awed by me in any way. Quite the opposite... even though I'm a year and a half older then Dodger he comes across as being at least my equal, and usually he seems to be a step up from my inexperienced naive self. I can't imagine Dodger "looking up" to anyone actually... he's a super cute, confident xnxxx kid xnxx sex alright. Robbie, not so much... oh, Robbie's cute alright, but he's quite shy and not especially confident about everything like Dodger is. Robbie xxnx has always been super friendly www xnxx com towards me, but now, after I fucked him, it appears he's put me up on a pedestal or something. The whole situation is weird. In the first place, it's always seemed odd to me that Robbie would act shy or lack self-confidence... I mean, he's wicked popular at school, and co-captain of the baseball team and all that, but apparently that hasn't registered with him because he insists on acting "unworthy" or something like that wwwxnxx around me We were outside smoking as those thoughts drifted through my head. Everyone was xnxx hindi joking around with the usual friendly put-downs and insults except I notice Robbie sort of hanging right vidio xnxx next to me and xnxx com/ deferring to xnxx cina me about everything. 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I'd give him the same look too, a look of what? ... admiration, or devotion, or what? I